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Vandalism Do's and Don't's


    -Wash any egg residue from building exterior.
    -Remove any debris, food, etc.. from carpets or interior walls. Scrape or blot carpets or furniture-DO NOT RUB.
    -Do not use household cleaners on fabrics or carpet without consultation with your professional cleaner.
    -Vacuum glass particles from carpet and upholstery, but do not walk in bare feet in area of glass residue.
    -Save any information as to the type of liquid that was spread over surfaces.
    -Make a list of all damages.


    -Attempt to remove chemicals i.e. ink, paint, etc..
    -Operate damaged electrical appliances.
    -Throw away miscellaneous damaged wood chips, etc.. They might be helpful for repair.

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Greg Bosch
Last updated: February 9, 2007