ServiceMaster: Cerritos, California

QRV Program

Quality Restoration Vendor

    What is the QRV Program? What does it entail?

    Standardization of quality and service
    The QRV program is a standardization of quality and service that ServiceMaster franchisees commit to deliver to costomers who require emergency and/or restoration services.

    Marketing Plan
    The QRV program is also a marketing plan that clearly communicates ServiceMaster's QRV Guarentee of response and professionalism. The primary marketing tool will be the QRV Guarentee. The QRV marketing program will be shared with teh insurance industry by ServiceMaster nationally, the ServiceMaster distributor regionally, and the ServiceMaster franchisee locally.

    Operational Buisness Plan
    The QRV program is an operational buisness plan that must be implemented by each QRV franchisee. An operational model is provided with procedures, tools, and standards of performance for this program.

    Certification Program
    The QRV program is a certification program that honors and promotes those ServiceMaster buisnesses that demonstrate the highest standards of service to the insurance industry. An initial and ongoing review will be maintained to insure that the QRV standards are being met or exceeded

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Greg Bosch
Last updated: February 9, 2007