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Dehumidification is a major factor in the killing of mildew and in the treatment of water damages.
We place drying units in the affected area of the house and dry out the carpet as soon as possible (3 to 5 days).    This prevents the growth of mildews and molds.

There are many different types of drying equipment on the market and we use the top of the line.

These are the basic drying syustems tools.  Fans are used to circulate air in affected areas assisting in the evaporation process.  Dehumidifiers are used to cause water in the air to condense and then pump water into extraction points such as toilets or sinks.

These are larger versions of the dehumidifiers above and usually condense and pump about a gallon of water per hour out of the atmosphere.

This injector drying system is used to dry wall cavities while causing the minimal damage to structure.  air is pumped into the hoses by the machine and through smaller hoses works its way into the cavity via drilled holes in the wallboard.

This duct drying sustem is used when ceiling and wall cavities are extremely saturated.  By cutting holes in the wallboard and placing this system, drying can be

Negative Air machines pull contaminated or dirty air into their systems and push it out through a HEPA filter thus decontaminating that air.  This is usually used in mopld remediation and mitigation during cleanup.  It can also be placed in underhouse cavities to reduce damage from odor and germs that may enter the house through breakds in floors and through underhouse access ports.

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Last updated: February 9, 2007